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From: Mike

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Date: 07/28/2018 17:50:38
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Hey Carambas

Hier steht alles (Auszug vom englischen Forum). Brauchst Du noch eine bersetzung?

Since the beginning of time, three staff members have made up the core of BuzzerBeater: the trainer handled training, PR man ads and merchandise, while the good doctor took good care of your players. While they are still going to continue filling their essential roles, it is time for them to get some company!

Yes, there is a whole new class of additional staff members, deemed "Secondary Staff" that you can hire now. Meet the new guys:

Youth Trainer - only 18 and 19 year old players will benefit from this guy, but he'll focus only on them, give them extra training while the main trainer is busy with the rest of the team. He'll give them that all important training boost that just might make them eligible for a NT call-up (eventually!). But to really feel the change, only top level youth trainers should be hired, and those will cost you a lot though.

Sports Psychologist - game shape is such a volatile factor. Sometimes, no matter the minutes, some of your most important players just can't hit their best form in the worst of times like the playoffs, etc... This is where this guy comes in handy - he'll make sure they have their heads straight and will help keep their form up at all times, even if the minutes are suboptimal.

Nutritionist - let's face it, stamina drops are a drag. Having to spend valuable training weeks on keeping the stamina up is even worse! This is where proper nutrition helps - having someone plan the meals can really slow down the stamina drop rate, and high level nutritionists can even stop the decay completely! The best ones can even give it a boost!

There are some differences to the secondary staff from the original ones: they, obviously, don't really need to be hired at all and you can get rid of them any time and they won't be replaced by anyone which can save you some money. You still need to pay their severance money, so make sure to take that into your calculations.

These guys might be expensive, it's true - but only the richest and best teams get to have them all the time - others will have to plan and manage the weeks when they hire them.

Hope you like the feature, next one is planned a couple of weeks after the offseason.


To: Mike
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Date: 07/29/2018 14:14:52
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Danke Mike alles klar