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Saturday, 23 November 2019
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By rapcity in Playoffs Season 38:
Hey guys! I won the championship for our league, which means I won't be here in Season 39. I just wanted to say my farewell to you all - for an unforgettable 9
By rapcity in Playoffs Season 38:
Haha I guess you can put it that way! Your team is really good though!
By TC. Ferdzz in Playoffs Season 38:
ya, i've kind of been the bridesmaid for a long time
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There are currently no injured players in this league or league matches are in progress.
Transfer List Report
Player Team Price Salary
Yang Kit Yi TO raptors $ 1 100 000 $ 79 337
Taavi Agu TO raptors $ 1 350 000 $ 75 948
Best Performances
Agafonas Bencevicius
73 Points
Menelaos Tsirimokos
36 Rebounds
David Wilson
27 Assists
Orçun Çavlan
13 Blocks