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By RPBuckets in Season 61:
That's pretty interesting you beat him earlier in the year albeit close but with very similar rosters and lineup, some small tweaks were made on both parts via
By crasher456 in Season 61:
Wait, yeah how did that dude beat you? I've been on and off this game a while so out of the loop on cheating. How is he doing it? (Not going to do, just curious
By UnionJack796 in Season 61:
Love getting matched up against a known cheater and somehow getting outplayed by guys with 1-2k salaries. It's been fun but I have far more important things to
By crasher456 in Season 61:
The Big 8 has some insane teams. Going to be a fun watch in the playoffs
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Shawn Curtis CyHawks $ 500 $ 1 212
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Bine Liljak
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