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Saturday, 02 December 2023
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By KRB in Season 24:
All season- and NO replies???? team did really well (in its 1st full season) Went 20-1 Playoff time now.................... ......................
By KRB in Season 24:
This will be my 1st official season. I joined in late last season, think after 4th game. I had fun. I have a lot of my guys join this game (most which are Nas
By KRB in All star game:
i won the 3 pt competiotion and had 3 guys in the all-star (acutally 2, since i had to sell one)
By KRB in Not soon enough...:
WOWWZER!!!! The ALLSTARS--- I won the 3 pt competition!!! then had 3 players in the All-Star Game (acutally 2- since i sold one)
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Gavin Cornwell
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Jed English
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Enrique Martínez
23 Assists
Lou Oconnor
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