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Sunday, 18 January 2015
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By Kukoc-EestiU21 in S27:
My 37 yo guy just sidepopped in passing! ROFL!
By Coach_Nuggets in S27:
I'm not spending a dime on players this season. I have a trainee who I will train up to the best of my abilities, but I am going to save all the money I can get
By Kukoc-EestiU21 in S27:
Takeing it easy. Should get a coach soon, or my trainee transactions are useless:) Can't seem to make myself care for this team as much as my first baby :D
By OkayJay in S27:
Ok, were into our second week here in Utopia and things are starting to take shape. After battling my impatience and frustration with the transfer market my te
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Remigiusz Kukier
105 Points
Ingo-Lutz Ahrbrück
41 Rebounds
Danail Cobovski
24 Assists
Nakis Moustakis
13 Blocks