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By Big Njord in Season 47:
Congratulations to wertol and his DINAMO RIGA club on winning the championship! Good luck in D3 next season
By Kaznodzieja in Season 35:
[u][b]Day 4 (Tuesday 7 June 2016) : Performances[/b] [i]by [link=][/i][/u] [b]Night results[/b] Pittsburgh Steelers 34 - [b]Wes
By Kaznodzieja in Season 35:
[u][b]Day 3 (Saturday 4 June 2016) : Performances[/b] [i]by [link=][/i][/u] [b]Night results[/b] [b]Melonheads 102[/b] - Jippoj
By Hencka_D in Season 35:
These are very cool !! (y) Edit: Thanks :D
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