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Saturday, 15 June 2024
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By QcMalakai in top team quit:
I guess I'll get a promotion :)
By QcMalakai in SG Height:
How tall does a SG have to be? Can he really be too short if he has great abilities? Thanks
By Voltages in Hello ALL!:
good luck in the new season
By King Mic in Hello ALL!:
New here! Hello all!
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There are currently no injured players in this league or league matches are in progress.
Transfer List Report
Player Team Price Salary
Muhammed Hanifi Aral Nezastavitelna $ 129 999 $ 19 008
Thomas Bean Calgary belugas $ 110 $ 3 074
Kostas Liontaris ™ᔕᗴᎥᖇᎥᑎ™ $ 5 000 $ 2 894
Best Performances
Yiannakis Fatseas
82 Points
Hugo Impey
40 Rebounds
Jaime Puig Duran
25 Assists
Nelson Alexandre
11 Blocks