Overview Page

"I can not do the finger wave to the guy after I block a shot, I have to do it to the crowd. I did it to the crowd, but the referee said there was a bench in front of the crowd."

The Overview page is your team's home page. It contains links to many of the important pages with information about your team, or about the team whose Overview page you're looking at. These pages include:

  • Games: A quick list of all games the team has played, by season

  • Standings: The standings page containing information about the team's league

  • Team Stats: Expanded statistics for the team this season and past seasons.

  • Roster: A link to the team's roster page.

  • Arena: The team's arena page, containing recent attendance and capacity.

  • Team History: A quick list of team placements by season.

  • Transfers: A list of all players the team has bought or sold recently.

  • Send Message: Send a message to that team's owner.

In addition, if you are a supporter, you can think of the team page as an opportunity to give your team some extra personality though press releases, team pictures, and colorful banter. We'll give you as much freedom with this page as we can, so go ahead and make it your own. Try to be nice, though; if you upset someone physically larger than you, we're not going to step in to defend you. In fact, we're going to try to avoid that situation entirely by keeping a close watch for any offensive content. It will make the developers' jobs a lot easier (and not run you the risk of having your account disabled) if you keep your language clean and your shots above the belt.

As you become an experienced general manager, your team may win some trophies or flags. These badges of honor showcase the various accomplishments of your team.

  • Trophies: Your team wins a trophy when it wins the league championship, national tournament (or finishes as a runner-up in either competition), BuzzerBeater's Best, or when one of your players wins the league MVP award.

  • Flags: Each team has the opportunity to schedule scrimmage matches against international teams from other leagues. Whenever you play a team from another country, their flag will show up on your team page, and vice versa. Try to collect them all!

By clicking on the name of a rival team anywhere on the site, you'll link to their team page. The quick links on the right will provide you with some information about the team, such as a list of upcoming matches, their current tournament standing, the teams roster, and so forth. You can also send them a private message by clicking on "Send Message."

Supporters can also host their team's own private blog on their team overview page. You can make posts, receive and reply to comments, and make sure to tell everybody who comes by why your team is best!

While the rules have been translated by our wonderful language administrators, the only official versions of the BuzzerBeater Rules or Terms of Service are those written in American English.