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Date: 02/13/2022 17:32:17
Venomous Vicious Vipers
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Veni Vidi Vicious
Bulgaria U21 needs you

I’m publishing this post in order to recruit some new managers willing to train for Bulgaria U21 NT

Our current situation
After a few weeks heading your U21 NT, I must say that we’d benefit a lot from more involvment in U21 training. You just need to take a look at the actual roster : half of it is made of 20 years old players. And this is not just a one generation hole since there are not many other options for next season behind these eight 20yo players already selected. I’ve scouted all draftees and I can tell there is a lot unused potential.
Following the huge work of mink0ff and part of your community, there is a clear improvment of your NT. I’m sure we can follow the same path with U21 NT in order to be more competitive within a few seasons.

Why training for U21 ?
Training for NT gives you players that can help you reach the top league and stay competitive for a long time with the help of merchandising.
Training for U21 has different benefits. You will still help your contry but with faster and more lucrative rewards. Indeed, with an adaptated training plan, you can have 2 or 3 U21 each 4 seasons. Training is pretty cheap : most of U21 prospects are worth less than 100k when drafted and you only need level 5 trainer + youth trainer (everything else would be a nice bonus but not a requirement). Ans in the end, your player will easily gain 1 or 2M of value on the market. Of course, you can also keep them as they would be great subs for D1/D2 or starters for D2/D3. As already said, it creates a lot of value in a really short term.

How to train for U21 ?
Here are some profils that could be reached with 55TSP draftees and lvl 5+5 training staff :
- Inside point guard :
- Outside shooteer :
- Offensive SF :
- Classical Power Forward :
- 3-2 Center :
With these guys, I promise we can win trophies. Of course, this doesn’t mean there are no other options and players that don’t reach such profile won’t get selected. But here is a goal to reach.

What’s next ?
If you are interested into training 18yo, 19yo or waint until next draft for U21 NT, please send me a BB-mail. I will keep an updated list on the following thread where you will also find good prospects on the transfer list :
This follows a proposal from atanasovvv and will help you coordinate in order to have different profiles each season.

Good season to all of you. Cheers