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From: Billy
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Date: 12/03/2013 20:16:40
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I want to introduce myself, my name is Bill and I live in Florida. I am very interested in becoming the U21 manager. I am willing to get to know all of the active players, currently only 5 but used to be as high as 12 a few seasons ago. I want to set up a plan similar to larger teams like Poland or the US and if we train players with a plan to help your private team and the NT team the Barbados U21 team can begin to climb the charts. Wont be quick but Im patient and dedicated, I will not go bot!

In S24 I was lucky enough to scrimmage Kwakwani Saints, The Dark Angle, and he was a cool guy. Hopefully, if elected, I will get Barbados to climb the charts much like the Bahamas has this past season.

-Bill in Florida