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From: GN
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Date: 12/15/2012 21:11:16
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Hey all,

5 games into the season thought I better start up the forum for the year.

The rockers are in their usual top form and newly relegated flaming ramzays are the only other sitting undefeated, one would hope so with a salary of 100k more than any other. Carlton suns lead 5 of the stats and have scored almost 100 points, 30 steals and 35 FT more than any other team already. If they can start get some stops on the defensive end you could see them becoming a lot more competitive with these teams as well.

There's been a few quick starts this year on a personal level. Igor Chumakov is on fire already scoring 200 for the year, hitting 19 beyond the arc. he is just 100 behind elevations total points thus far. As well as taking 16 steals and leading that category as well.

I think the big 8 is going to be a lot tighter than the great. And it will be a rockers v flaming ramzays final. My dark horse for the season is the Carlton suns. I think if they have some coin and can get a bit more defensive players on his team, especially against the strengths of these two teams they'll go we'll. however I don't think anyone's going to knock off the flaming ramzays tho. It's definitely his league to lose.

GN out.

From: The Vibe

To: GN
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Date: 12/22/2012 22:51:56
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Nice write up

Hows your team going? The rebuild taking shape?