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Saturday, 23 November 2019
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By LA-zajino in S46:
Yeah congrats man! I had worse enthusiasm and little worse team and didnt manage to predict GDP. Sum it all, you deserved it! Enjoy promotion both of you.
By King Kenny in S46:
Thank you man! It definetly wasnt easy, one week of bad GS made me lose 4,5 games in a row and destroyed my record, but without home court I menaged to win some
By Coach Law in S46:
Congratzie BC-Play Coach King Kenny You did it. Came on very strong in the end. I surely thought 22=0 would take it this season and they should still advance
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Querubin Daniel Tortola
84 Points
vasileios Mpourantas
35 Rebounds
Wiley Carlson
19 Assists
Papi Fani
9 Blocks