Hong Kong IV.30 All-Stars

Three Point Shot Competition

Three Point Shot Competition
In the shot chart below you will find the six participants of this competitions. Each player takes 25 shots, in groups of 5; every fifth shot (blue ball) is worth 2 points, while the other shots (orange balls) are worth 1 point. A grey ball means that the player missed the shot. The two best players advance to the final round, where they take another round of 25 shots. The player with the higher shot count at the end of the final round wins.

Qualification Round
Player Shots Points
H. Qing Yuan 12
H. Wan Chung 16
T. An Zhi 14
L. Kien Lung 11
L. Wei Chieh 20
W. Chee Meng 13

Final Round
Player Shots Points
H. Wan Chung 14
L. Wei Chieh 10