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Sunday, 03 March 2013
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By Alipunga in U.A.E. NTs:
Any active managers from UAE ?
By MGH in U.A.E. NTs:
We have 3 fantastic players on TL. [b]Seyed Najjar [player=34196285][/b] Price : $ 4 000 000 Best player in a country. Nothing more needed to add. [b]Bi
By MGH in U.A.E. NTs:
Seasonal goal has been achieved. It is almost impossible to advance to next round , but will play our best game. After that we will play few scrimmages with asp
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Kalil Qasim Al-Ismail
78 Points
Ludovic Vilar
42 Rebounds
Tamás Czukor
30 Assists
Mustafa Ibn-Bashir
11 Blocks