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CBBA Weekly Update Broadcast!

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Date: 02/10/2010 16:51:02
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Ladies and gentlemen, members of CBBA, please welcome the new weekly update of our league. A broadcast with all the details on the games of each week from yours truly, Melis!!!
Since we are just a day away from this weeks end (Friday) it is wise to enclose the results of the week in one new and fresh update! The major headlines which you all must have read in the local newspapers are:
1. Away win of pistoleros against Valentinos ( headline in new york CBBA news paper) Major upset for the home team. Pistoleros played with CT tactics and stole the win from the much promising Valentinos. Tremendous performance by most of the squad of pistoleros packing 26 points from the bench!
2. All strong teams continue their way to victories was written in CNN CBBA all about basketball newspaper.
3. Major win of Ekleptismenoi against Valentinos 120-114 in a night to remember by the fans of ekleptismenoi but a nightmare to the fans of valentino. Second defeat in a row to the surprise their fans! Chasodikis achieving 35 points followed by Torres with 19 and a colosal of 13 rebounds showed the way to victory. Tactical brilliance by the manager of Ekleptismenoi playing defense 2-3 shocked the offensive stability of Valentinos. Despite the efford of Kaloumenos with 25 points and masampoukidis with 23 the team was unable to get the win. Super power forward De Martine remained to the dissapointing 9 points.
4. Huge performance by Kerkidis with 29 points and 15 rebounds in the game of Cyprus Fighters against Pafos. Fighters overcame the resistance of Pafos with ease achieving a difference of 31 points. Although the defensive tactics by Pafos were straight on (playing 3-2), the difference of streght and class were galactic for the underdogs to make the upset.
5. Kyriakos Bc showing extraordinary streght and coordination managed to overcome Pistoleros in a game to remember with 94-90. Bad managerial tactics of Pistoleros as well as a great performance from both Kalifoulis and Lemonitis (with 28 and 27 points each) managed to keep their team infront to the whole time of the match. Superb performance and goodbye to any dreams of pistoleros of reaching the 2nd place in his conference.
6. MAJOR MAJOR upset achieved by Bros456 winning Passif Aggressifs as an away team 87-83. Equal distribution of points by Bros456, clever change of tactis (Look inside), new recruit the mighty Fucai at the price of 3.7M were unparaller to the performance of Ivic (27 points) and Chantampakis. Fans were ecstatic after the end of the game. The replay of the game can be seen on RIK 1 national channel. To those that read newspapers do not worry it is written in detail in all cypriot newspapers and magazines. Well done Bros!!!
Thats all for today may you all have a nice weekend. More reviews of the CBBA games next week. Dont forget to get tuned to our live sports coverage. From me and my team, see you all next week!!!!

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Date: 02/10/2010 16:56:45
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Really nice, but please write the next one on the Cyprus forum. With that way more people will have the chance to read it. 5 balls from me

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Date: 02/10/2010 17:02:54
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Good work man! I like it!

I agree with Johnny... try to share this "newspaper" with other users on BB-Cyprus next time... he could be a really nice initiative :-)

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Date: 02/10/2010 17:02:59
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Nice commentating!!

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