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Sunday, 02 August 2015
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By Jay (OTT) in Season 55 comment:
Had him on my draft board, but didn't have the pick for it and wouldn't have been able to tank hard enough anyway. I've let the NT coaches know about the playe
By T3000 in Season 55 comment:
I really whiffed with the first pick of the draft. That HOF Australian that went pick 3 would of been handy. Oh well, serves me right for so aggressively tanking.
By Jay (OTT) in Season 55 comment:
Congratulations on securing the early promotion. Should set you up nicely for the next few seasons even if you end up going back down.
By smars in Season 55 comment:
Joined the league 2 games after all star and got lucky to take over the number 2 or 3 seed in my division. Hoping to advance to div 3 for some better economy.
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