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Sunday, 28 August 2016
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By Patg in Season 32:
Hallo ihr beiden, ich wünsche euch viel spass in dieser Saison beim Botverkloppen :D und mögen die besten Trainees wachsen
By sunman in Season 30:
thank you. but because of the bot reduction it is possible, that a few teams from our league will promote to league III
By Big Bulgot in Season 30:
Mista Crew - Congratulations! You were the best in this season. Good luck!
By Patrickd12 in Season 30:
back to back 108 to 105 loses!! Looks like we need to start winning.
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Krasimir Kunovich
83 Points
Francisco César Nanico
38 Rebounds
Pransiškus Kovalcikas
21 Assists
Oliver Gustavsson
11 Blocks