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Sunday, 18 January 2015
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By Swift Chase in Draft:
I was the second to last to draft here, and still got two 18 y.o. MVP guys. This was a very deep draft. I think there were ten or twelve picks I liked. MY US
By Draconus in Draft:
I got an 18 and 19 year old MVP along with an 18 year old PAS. No complaints here.
By Psycho in Hello:
By 3ball20 in Draft:
How did you all do in the draft? I got three 18yo PAS guys. One really sucks and will just be a scrimmage player. The other two are decent though. My main te
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Corey Carbone
83 Points
Sławomir Tomczak
41 Rebounds
Isaac da Natividade
31 Assists
Nuno Ramires
13 Blocks