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Saturday, 11 February 2023
Alex Hills Adelaide C
Citybay Ti     flashstorms
BumChums BC     bilbyboy
Chukamonas CGA 38

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By Robhoe in Season 41:
Howdy Not sure you will get a whole lot of competition from my guys this season, but I have a reasonable 18yr old to start building around and will hopefully
By Watson in Season 41:
Gonna be any competition next season? Think I'll take the comp out easy tbh but should be fun!
By bishmode in Season 36:
I was told to post here and I will tick something in the checklist in return so here i am. I'm new as you can tell.
By Mattylf in Season 36:
Hi everyone, All the best for the upcoming season.
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Evalds Bitnieks
90 Points
Iván Villa
41 Rebounds
Vsevolod Chinyakov
23 Assists
Jakub Pasturczak
11 Blocks