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Sunday, March 21, 2010
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By TnT in Season 65 Smack:
[u][b]Day 10 (Tuesday 16 July 2024) : Performances[/b] [i]by [link=][/i][/u] [b]Night results[/b] [b]High Point Heroes 98[/b]
By Peluin in Season 65 Smack:
Yep, I have a $400k training exemption, all the arena upgrades, and the stack of cash. Need a couple more regular USNT players though to really have the right s
By plasma in Season 65 Smack:
I used the overextension tax to my advantage in S63. I had around 300k of training exemption to work with from the guys I had trained on my roster. I ran a
By John Marcum in Season 65 Smack:
i'm realizing for the first time exploiting the overextension tax may be a high-level managerial skill. If conditions are right -- homegrown players, bought pl
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Pinchas Chaim
84 Points
Vaso Jeretin
41 Rebounds
Angelo Oudin
23 Assists
Jack Mueller
11 Blocks