"I've been dunked on by (Vitaly) Potapenko and now (Zan) Tabak. The good part is that they don't make posters of those guys."

In addition to regular season matches, you have the option of challenging a friend (or foe) to a friendly scrimmage once each week, on Thursday. Don't worry, the scrimmages don't affect your division standing, they're just a fun way to get in an extra game. The primary purpose of a scrimmage is to give your team an extra day of training and experience, so try to schedule them every week, if possible. To show appreciation to the fans, BuzzerBeater teams allow all fans free admission to all scrimmage games.

At the beginning of the season, many teams will be automatically entered in a cup tournament (as many teams as will fit into a perfect direct elimination tree, that is, the highest power of two that is less than the number of teams in your league). Preference is given to those teams in higher divisions. If a level of divisions is split so that only some of the teams can be entered, teams will be ordered according to the previous seasons results. Teams that have been recently demoted to the bottom level are given the lowest preference. The cup matches are treated like scrimmages, so, while your team is still in contention for the league cup, you wont be able to challenge any other teams.

The Scrimmages page shows a list of the teams you have challenged this week, as well as those who have challenged you. As soon as you accept a challenge, or another user accepts one of yours, the rest will be removed from the list, and the scrimmage will be added to your Schedule page. Don't forget to set your tactics - scrimmages are a great chance to try out some new strategies and lineups!

Scrimmages take place on Thursdays, at the normal game time of the home team. You can challenge someone to a scrimmage from his or her team page. Simply select whether you wish to be the home team or the away team from the drop-down menu, and click "Challenge!" You cannot challenge users to scrimmages between 12:00 Wednesday and 22:00 Friday server time, because the players just won't show up at the last minute. During the playoffs, teams who do not have a scheduled game on Saturday will have a scrimmage automatically assigned to them on Saturday in addition to any scrimmage or cup game they arrange for Thursday. While there is a Cup game available on Tuesday during all-star week, there is no scrimmage date, and teams still in the Cup have the possibility of an extra game that week.

While the rules have been translated by our wonderful language administrators, the only official versions of the BuzzerBeater Rules or Terms of Service are those written in American English.